Monday, February 28, 2011

Guest post: Another of Sarah's dreams.

This dream comes to us from the brain of my friend Sarah:

Cuba Gooding Jr., Anthony Hopkins, and myself were filming The Silence of the Lambs. The only thing was, I was legitimately scared of Anthony Hopkins--I couldn't separate him from Hannibal Lecter. There was a scene in which Anthony Hopkins (as Hannibal Lecter) was bludgeoning Cuba Gooding Jr. in the head over and over again, and I remember I walked through the scene, sneaking past, and hoping Anthony Hopkins wouldn't spot me, and I was legitimately scared. Anthony Hopkins also couldn't separate himself from Hannibal, because he started to stalk Cuba Gooding Jr. when we weren't filming. After filming, I went to where Cuba Gooding Jr. works as a bartender when he's not acting, and pulled him off to the side to warn him about Anthony Hopkins. I said, "I just wanted to warn you about--" and Cuba Gooding Jr. cut me off and said, "--him?" and pointed to where Anthony Hopkins was sitting at the bar, his hair sticking up and looking all sorts of crazy, and a psychotic smile on his face. Then, I woke up.

- - - -

Sarah had this dream last night, after watching the Silence of the Lambs and an Oscar flashback of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s acceptance speech for Jerry Maguire. Check out her blog here.

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